If you would like to receive a press copy of the Final demo in August, email Jim:

We're proud of the demo we've been presenting at The MIX during E3 week. However, there are still some major game-changing elements that will be implemented before we share it with the general public for the first time at Gamescom in August.

*** Pause for Eye Roll ***

Cut us some slack! We haven't even done a Kickstarter yet! *cough* September *cough*


Anyways, here's some info on those pending updates


The biggest changes will be with our combat system. There are a lot of pending additions, but here are the most important elements.

Complete Music & Button Synchronization

Yeah, yeah yeah, we get it. This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART! 

Simply put, that's why it's not done. We're taking our time with the most critical component of the combat system. Additionally, the puzzles took precedence as they are a larger game component that we wanted to fully implement first. In the meantime, we've added a suuuper annoyingly

close-but-still-wrong music-button pairing as a placeholder. 

Sorry about that.

Auditory Health

This is our made up way of saying that the number of health hearts you have will dictate the number of layers the combat's musical score will have.  The stronger you are, the lusher the music. The weaker you are, the scarcer the score. In other words...

  • More health = A Larger Musical Composition

  • Less health = A Smaller Musical Composition


The track playing during the current version will not be in the game. Our composer, Luminist, is hard at work on more elaborate songs that intertwine with the battle mechanics in the ways we describe above.

UI Alterations

Including but not limited to...

  • Boxed button prompts for the tempo-impaired (shown above)

  • Visual & Audio feedback for all button inputs (visuals show above)

  • Skull button prompts that you definitely do not want to press (shown above)

  • Hot streak animations

  • Combo prompts (that thing where one prompt is two buttons)

  • Drag prompts (that thing where you hold the button down instead of tapping it)

Additional Features & Visuals

Including but not limited to...

  • Usable artifacts and power ups for additional damage and health

  • Super cool animations for said artifacts and power ups

  • Critical strikes for that final blow

  • Additional damage animations that flex your stylish moves

  • Combo streak-induced health regenerating button prompts

Dialogue & More

Including but not limited to...

  • Quicker dialogue cycling

  • More distinguished dialogue boxes to better determine who's saying what

  • Character-specific auditory dialogue prompts

Store, Menu, & Inventory

These are self-explanatory and will be included in our press demo sent in August.

Here's a pretty picture, though!

Press Kit